Parents often contribute to the school by purchasing something off of our "Wish List." Please contact the office if you plan to purchase one of these items so that we can give you the necessary details. Thank you!


Lower Elementary

New Puzzle Maps- Africa, Europe and Asia are the highest priorities. Ours are very old and there have been significant changes to the countries in those continents.

New Pin Maps and Pins-- same reason as above.


Primary- Ms. Christine's Class

Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Activities and Magnets Book

Subtraction equation and differences box

Multiplication equations and products box

Division equations and dividends box

Power of 2 cube

Cube of trinomial

Fraction skittles with stand

Botany puzzles- please ask Christine for details

Puzzle maps and control maps- please ask Christine for details

Seed to Apple puzzle

Life Cycle of…. Models(Earthworm, Turtle, Silkworm)

Cultural dolls

Montessori Teaching Clock 

Classroom Table 

4 Classroom Chairs 

Antarctica Book 

Living In A Biome Books


Toddler Program

Extra Clothes- can be used, sizes 18 months to 3 years

Book Display

Music Box- select the Edelweiss song

Magnets- 2 or more

Alphabet Flash Cards

Weather Board

Junior Ramp Racer

Peace Table

Snapping Frame

Colored Rings on Dowels