Mondays-Fridays June 3 - August 2 2019 (ages 3-6)

Mondays-Fridays June 3 - July 19 2019 (ages 6-10)

Regular Hours: 8:30-2:45 Extended Care Hours: 2:45-5:30

Our camp follows Montessori methods, allowing the children to select from a variety of activities throughout the morning. Summer camp teachers prepare weekly-themed group lessons and hands-on projects, to expose children to a variety of learning topics and sensorial explorations. We spend as much time outside as possible, with woods, water and nature play and also trek to the park and library each week. The schedule of a typical day appears below.

8:30am   (Children arrive) Outside time and/or indoor activities

9:30am    Snack and morning lesson/activities

10:45am   Group time

11:15am    Outdoor play (weather permitting) and lunch prep.

12:15pm    Lunch

1:00pm    Nap or afternoon activities (depending on age)

2:15pm    Outdoor play time (weather permitting) or indoor activity

2:45pm    Pick-up

2:50pm    Extended care program

5:30 pm   Closed

Activities include a wide variety of art choices, building with blocks or other materials, dress up, puppets, puzzles, caring for the classroom, preparing and enjoying snack with friends, singing, dancing and storytelling. Older children will have an opportunity to do more skillful work, such as cooking a meal together, playing instruments, and crafting. Outdoor play for both groups will include time on the playground, explorations in our woods, group games, and water play.

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Summer Program and Toddlers 2019-20

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