Spruce Pine Montessori School uses a rolling admissions process where children are accepted throughout the year. Currently, we offer a Toddler program for children ages 18 months-3 years; a Primary program for children ages 3-6 years; and Elementary programs for children ages 6-12. If there are no spaces available at the time we receive your application, we will be happy to put you on our waiting list.

Spruce Pine Montessori School has a three-step admissions process for acceptance:

  1. A scheduled tour and question-and-answer session with the Head of School (This should be done with the child if possible). One of the best ways to decide whether a school is right for your child’s education is for you and your family to visit the school, meet the faculty and staff, and see the classrooms in action. To learn more about the Montessori approach and about SPMS specifically, please schedule a tour by contacting the office at (828) 520-1145.

  2. A completed application along with the non-refundable $50 application fee. Please complete the New Student Application Form and return it to the school office along with your $50 non-refundable application fee. You may mail your application and fee to: 67 Walnut Avenue Spruce Pine, NC 28777.

  3. One parent/guardian must observe in at least one of our classrooms for a 1/2 hour or more before an application will be considered.

The Head of School will discuss your child's application with the appropriate teaching staff. You will be contacted by the Head of School regarding whether or not we can accept your child for admission and when a space will be available. Once admitted, the following are the steps for enrollment.



Before your child's first day:

  • Complete the Enrollment Form and return it to the school. This form is your contract with the school and includes your selection of a payment plan.

  • Meet with your child's teacher for an Orientation Meeting. Your child's teacher will call you to schedule this meeting which will last at least one hour. We have found this meeting essential to planning a successful transition for each child. You will have time to tell the teacher about your child and also to learn more specifically about our daily schedule, procedures for drop off and pick up, and other details.

  • Complete the Medical and Emergency Information Form. This form tells the school who to call in case of emergency, who has permission to pick up your child from school if you cannot, and lets us know if your child has allergies or other medical conditions of which we would need to be aware.

  • Read the Family Handbook and sign and return the form acknowledging your receipt of and agreement to the Handbook and its accompanying summary of the NC Child Care Rules.

  • Pay the first month's tuition for your child.

  • If your child is enrolling for the Primary (3-6 year old) or Elementary (6-12 year old) program, pay the $300 parent participation deposit. (Parent Participation Deposit Explained here.) If payment of this deposit presents a financial hardship at the time of enrollment, you may request in writing to spread payments over a couple of months.

  • Permission Forms need to be filled out as well.

Within 30 days of your child's first day turn in:.

Please contact the Head of School if you have any questions or if you need to change your planned start date with the school. The Head of School is here to help parents, teachers and children have a positive and rewarding experience with the school.

For information regarding tuition and fees, please click this link: Tuition and Fees Schedule 2019-20


Sources For Financial Assistance

We are committed to making a Montessori-based education accessible to all children. We accept child care and private school vouchers, offer work exchange for discounts in tuition, and award scholarships for eligible families. See below for more details on each of these options and for a Financial Aid Application.

Scholarships and Work Exchange A scholarship may be in the form of a financial aid award to be applied directly to tuition or fees, a tuition reduction, or a work exchange agreement. Scholarship awards are made by the Board Scholarship Committee after review of your Financial Aid Application.  Work exchange is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. It involves doing needed work for the school in exchange for a specific reduction in tuition scholarship. Financial aid decisions are made in June; a completed enrollment form and tuition balance paid in full are needed before financial aid applications are considered.

Child Care Vouchers Your NC county Department of Social Services has state and federal funds available for child care subsidy that may be applied towards tuition for children under Kindergarten age (age 5 by August 31 of any school year). The school has set a reduced tuition rate for families receiving DSS child care subsidies. DSS does not pay for any fees and does not pay for days SPMS is closed. Fees and the cost of care on days we are closed are the obligation of your family. Apply at the DSS office for your county of residence.

Mayland Community College has a Child Care Project that provides partial or full payment of child care tuition for children under Kindergarten age (age 5 by August 31 of any school year). Apply at Mayland Community College.

Opportunity Scholarships through NC State Education Assistance Authority are accepted for students entering Kindergarten and 1st grade. You must apply to be entered into the lottery.