October 18, 2016


Remember that teacher who made a difference in your life when you were young? Who helped you see your gifts, exposed you to new ideas, and nurtured you when you struggled? Maybe you were lucky and had more than one. Or maybe you were really lucky and went to a school like ours, where each of your teachers helped you discover your innate abilities and guided you to become who you are today.

We believe that the training our teachers receive and the passion and dedication they bring to educating our children are beyond measure. And yet, with our income being almost entirely driven by tuition, and the need to keep our tuition low to remain accessible to everyone in our community, our teachers are the ones making a sacrifice in order to continue providing an outstanding education to our children for such a low cost.

This is the first year in recent history that we’ve been able to raise salaries across the board for all of our teachers in one year, providing everyone on staff a living wage. Even so, our average teacher salary remains 25% lower than that of a first year teacher in North Carolina, and many of our teachers have been working here for quite some time.

Can you help bridge this gap? If you believe that our teachers make a difference in the lives of our students, and you want to be sure that this job continues to be sustainable for them, show your support and appreciation by sending in a donation today. Your financial contribution will help maintain these salary increases and continue to provide a phenomenal education to our students for years to come.



Meghan Lundy-Jones

Head of School


P.S. - Any new donations will be matched in the form of scholarship, so please give generously!