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Dear Friend,

As a lifelong local, who sent my own children to Spruce Pine Montessori School many years ago, I never had to think too hard about where my children were being raised. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a parent the other day that they moved here so they could send their children to SPMS. It wasn’t a week later when a former parent said that he still thought that the best thing about Spruce Pine was the Montessori School.

I realized then that something I take for granted was actually quite special and important. We all know how wonderful SPMS is, but in a year when businesses have closed and empty storefronts seem to multiply, I realized I’d had a Joni Mitchell song playing repeat in my head: “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone?”

In the past seven years, we’ve seen enrollment fluctuate from 45 to 65 and then back down to 55. As the new Head of School, I chose to expand our toddler program to 15 children this year, a program that only enrolled six children ten years ago. As a result, our enrollment is back up into the 60s. The sustainability of this program is crucial to our longevity and to our ability to continue employing teachers at a living wage, while raising intelligent, capable, and kind children.

We can’t keep this boat afloat without your help, though. Your financial assistance is what makes each year possible and this year, money is especially tight due to an increased staff because of our expansion.

Please don’t let SPMS become another boarded-up storefront in town. If you too think that what we have here is important to our community, donate today. Your contribution will go towards buying much-needed materials for our classrooms, updating our grounds and facilities, and keeping the lights on. Help us continue to draw new families to our area and remain as vital to our community as we have been since we opened in 1972.

Yours Sincerely,

Vicki Austin
Head of School